Which factors determine the cost of a gaming monitor? Find here!

Which factors determine the cost of a gaming monitor? Find here!

The term ‘best gaming monitor’ is subjective. What may work for a beginner may not be the most appropriate choice for an experienced gamer. Nevertheless, there is no denying that the gaming monitor is as important as the graphics card or the console/PC. There are a wide range of different options for varied budgets. It is possible to buy something like PrimeCables 4k gaming monitor under the price tag of $400. Others can cost as much as $1,000. We recommend that you start by evaluating the features and the budget you can afford. In this post, we are sharing factors that determine the price of a gaming monitor.


Higher the resolution, higher will be the price of the monitor – Period. For gaming needs, you need a 1080p (Full HD) monitor at the least, but experts will tell you that buying a 2160p (UHD/4K) is always better. Keep in mind that this is a onetime investment, so spending a tad more is never a bad idea.

Refresh rate

Many gamers agree that refresh rate is one of the critical factors for buying a monitor. Models with better refresh rates often have a higher price. At the least, you should be looking at 60hz at the least, but the advanced and expensive models often have a refresh rate of 240Hz. Now, here’s something worth knowing – if you don’t have a great graphics card, the refresh rate alone doesn’t make much of a difference to the gaming experience.

The type of panel

This is another factor that determines the cost of a gaming a monitor. In general, TN panels are inexpensive and offer good refresh rates, but don’t expect the best color production and effects. As far as performance for gaming is concerned, IPS (in-plane switching) panels are definitely better and cost more, but that extra is worth paying.

The brand

While other features are standard, the brand often makes a difference to the cost of a gaming monitor. We recommend that you look for features rather than just the brand name. As long as the company is offering some warranty on the monitor, there isn’t much to worry about.

In conclusion

As for getting the best deals and discounts is concerned, online stores are definitely better. They have more monitor options for different budgets, and you can expect to find all other accessories, including cables, which are required to connect the monitor with your PC.

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