When To Opt For Windows VPS Hosting?

When To Opt For Windows VPS Hosting?

When we start a website, normally, for first-timers, we always go for a beginner’s shared hosting plan. This plan is cheap and is good for a starter website. But once your traffic starts to increase, the need for a heavy-duty website increases. For this reason, when a website starts to grow, people opt for VPS hosting.  Companies like Vpsmalaysia are known to offer excellent web hosting services, and if you need more information regarding the same, then you should contact them for further clarification.

Now coming back to the topic, we have already mentioned VPS hosting, but what exactly is it?

Brief Introduction To VPS Hosting

VPS stands for a virtual private server. VPS acts as your server where your information is not stored with other website data. In short, it is your server, which only stores your data exclusively. This offers extra features like a separate operating system, bandwidth, and disc space. Companies like Vpsmalaysia have pointed out the main reason why people opt for VPS rather than shared hosting plans is that in VPS, your data is safer as it is not stored with the same data of other websites. Hence, it is more secure.

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When should you choose VPS hosting?

You should choose VPS hosting when:

  • Your Website Loading Time Is Slow.

If your website loading time is very slow, then it is highly possible that you won’t get enough traffic. If your website loading time is slow, then search engines won’t rank your website higher up the search results. Therefore, if your website does not have a good search engine ranking, automatically, you will not be able to achieve the desired traffic.

Opting for VPS hosting allows your website to have its server, and hence the loading speed increases drastically. This results in better search engine ranking and also increases the traffic inflow rate to your website. So, if you are planning to attract more traffic, then it is highly recommended that you contact Vpsmalaysia and opt for VPS for your website. 

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  • The Website Is Gaining Traffic.

Once your website starts to gain more traffic, and then there are chances the website crashing and thus offering bad customer experience. If you do not have much traffic, then it is completely fine to go for shared hosting plans. But if you know your website will gain huge traffic, then you should opt for VPS.

In VPS, since you have your server, it can take more load than shared hosting plans. So, if you are gaining more traffic with every passing day, then it is advisable to shift to VPS, as suggested by Vpsmalaysia.

Paul Petersen