WeHaveServers.com and What They Offer to You

WeHaveServers.com and What They Offer to You

If you currently are looking for server colocation or looking for a server colocation custom, then WeHaveServers.com is exactly where you need to be.  Their data center handles supporting hundreds of servers, with great performance in an environment that is reliable.  They offer multiple lines of internet from various providers, power supply that is uninterrupted with constant monitoring of the facility to make this colocation perfect for hosting almost anyone’s business. 

Strict protocols

They have strict protocols as well as security standards.  Servers will be kept in a location that is safe, and where entrance is only made possible by a magnetic card or by biometric access.  They also have temperature sensors; fire protections and the entire premises is camera monitored. 

Near zero downtime

This private colocation makes certain that there are backup solutions for everything from parallel internet connections to UPSs and industrial generators.  They are able to reduce nearly zero the chances of your dedicated server colocation to be down.  Since they know what it is like to manage a business as well as the importance of keeping their customers happy.

What they offer

This company offers the following:

  • Setup that is quick;
  • Support & Monitoring that is 24/7;
  • Power supply that is reliable;
  • Always online
  • Climate control;
  • Great connectivity.

This means that they will offer you all that are needed to configurate and test your server or system in their Europe server colocation premise.   Then they also have support and monitoring 24/7 by a team of administrators with experience in this field thus ensuring around the clock monitoring and intervention.  Power supply is offered by 2 x 1 MW independent electric lines that ensure the power for optimum uptime. 

All their servers are mounted in 42 units racks with dimensions of 600 x 1200 mm.  All of this is because they value not just uptime but also speed in all their equipment and are connected to only the latest generation JUNIPER and CISCO routers.  They use 2 firewall applications together with Anti DDoS software, which is created by their own team of programmers. 

Estela Pfeiffer