Things To Consider When Buying A Mobile Receipt Printer 

Things To Consider When Buying A Mobile Receipt Printer 

No matter which type of business you own–grocery, makeup, or something else, you want to serve your customers quickly without keeping them waiting. In a world where most people opt for online products, your customers visit your store for one thing they cannot get online: customer service. Therefore, you want to make sure they return impressed and happy. 

One thing that will get them smiling is a fast receipt printer. Nobody wants to stand at the counter and wait five more minutes for their receipt. To print receipts quickly, you need an effective TSC mobile receipt printer. Most businesses prefer these printers as they are easier to maintain than inkjet. 

Things to consider when buying a mobile receipt printer 

  • Speed. 

Speed and efficiency are key in any business. If you have a POS system, you would certainly want to serve your customers as quickly as possible and not keep them waiting. You want to give the customer the receipt of their purchase immediately and not have them smiling awkwardly at you while they wait for the paper to print. It is important to do your research and invest in a fast printer. 

  • Print quality. 

After speed, the quality of the print on the paper matters the most. You do not want your customers confused over what is written on the paper. While receipts are not required to print in HD quality, the written words and numbers should still be readable. 

  • Your business needs. 

One of the most important things to consider before purchasing a mobile receipt printer is what your business needs. Not every retail store may require the same type of receipt printer. So, what works for your friend’s business may not work for you. Some people are comfortable with compact receipt printers, while others may prefer something else. 

Factors like color quality, speed, and graphics can differ from one printer to another. Do your research, make notes about the different features of different devices, and find the right one for your store. 

  • Customizable. 

One thing you should question before you purchase a mobile receipt printer is whether it can customize the prints. These prints are not just a part of the transaction but a marketing opportunity. Ensure you can add your business name or a logo to promote the business. Some businesses even provide links to feedback surveys or offer on their receipts. Giving your customers a plain white receipt can be a lost opportunity. 

Clare Louise