The Future of Social Media Monitoring and the Innovative Minds at NetBase

The Future of Social Media Monitoring and the Innovative Minds at NetBase

Social media monitoring is a process for using online social activity to track data for the purpose of assessing and discerning behavior patterns. The services provided by an analytics company can leverage online data to help businesses reach their goals. There is a wealth of data on the internet. Sifting through it all, as well as knowing which will be the most helpful, can be daunting.

Monitoring specialists help a business or organization choose the most relevant approach. This begins by gathering and mining information/data to determine the perception of an online consumer base. It applies to all types of individuals, organizations, and companies. Monitoring techniques provide a uniform metric upon which to launch marketing campaigns.

Fundamentals of Social Media Monitoring

The ultimate purpose of monitoring is to better reach customers. Specific mediums include blogs, social networking sites, forums, message boards, media (photo and video) shares, and any of the other available outlets. By monitoring these mediums, an interested party can determine how to use customer intelligence and how it fits into current industry trends.

Basic tools include web crawlers and data mining software. This enables marketing companies to develop a structure to the raw data. Keywords and phrases are used in the formation of the newly structured database that will be analyzed later.

The decisive advantages of monitoring tools come from the features and astute pairing of the right tool for a given campaign. Among the most sought after features involve brand health, consumer sentiment, and crisis management. Monitoring a consumer base must first involve a broad approach. The results of this stage can then be refined and tailored to meet the specific needs of a brand for a given time period.

Matching Monitoring Tools to a Campaign

It is not easy to efficiently match tools to a campaign. To maximize the time savings vs. costs, marketers should seek professional advice. NetBase is among the premiere firms in this field. Below is an example of some of the toolsNetBase uses to support social media monitoring:

  • organized social sharing
  • ROI analysis
  • deeper influencer connections
  • mentions tracking
  • online advocacy
  • diagnostic benchmarks
  • content management
  • competitive analysis
  • channel assessment and content insights
  • variable trend tracking

Targeted Tools of the Future

Monitoring tools help advertisers effectively tailor their marketing schemes to meet current consumer demand. This can be rather challenging in a world that’s been suddenly thrust into greater internet dependency. For some markets, monitoring has also just become immensely powerful. This is true of eSports fans who are around-the-clock consumers. They do not limit themselves to scheduled events. Some would even say that they live, eat and sleep with their brands.

The future of social media monitoring tools is now. Over this past decade, companies began realizing that monitoring was no longer a competitive edge, but a requirement. Now, with a world suffering a global pandemic, monitoring the online behavior of consumers is as much a part of business operations as anything else.

About NetBase Monitoring Tools

NetBase provides dedicated solutions for social analytics and social media analysis. New clients have the option of starting with broad applications before choosing the most relevant tools specifically tailored to their needs. NetBase offers several social media monitoring options. These highly specialized solutions are accurate, fast and easy for clients to use. A fully-integrated solution enables monitoring, discovery, and analysis that’s all available from a single source. It’s a powerful way to advance social media campaigns.

Estela Pfeiffer