The 555 timer to use in unexpected scenarios

The 555 timer to use in unexpected scenarios

The 555 timer has found many applications throughout the years. However, there’s one project that came up with something truly unique as well as different in all the right ways. A pair of 555s was put on a stripboard that uses a bunch of LC circuits instead of the standard passives. In this particular scenario, the 555 is no longer a timer. It is a Morse transmitter designed to be used with the 80 meter amateur radio band.

The 555 in this case was set up as a feedback oscillator. It was achieved via a toroidal transformer featuring a tuned circuit that was bound to set the oscillation frequency. The inverted input coming out of the oscillator was used to generate additional push-pull outputs coming from the 555s. These are subsequently fed to yet another transformer. This one, in turn, is feeding the antenna through the low-pass filter.

For the HF bands, these squarewave oscillators are a standard thing but in this case, the 555 design is really first of tis kind. Despite the fact that it isn’t producing too much RF power, yet one must keep in mind the 556 dual timer that got the job done right, so picking the more potent 555 options could provide you with some actual power in the first place. Such a creative approach is nothing but commendable and we definitely hope that the enthusiast who was working on the project, will provide us with that sought-after entry, proving that such a thing is more than a mere possibility.

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Estela Pfeiffer