Tej Kohli Backing Technology For Bettering The Humanity

Tej Kohli Backing Technology For Bettering The Humanity

You rarely come across people who have amassed considerable wealth in their lives and work tirelessly to use it to create a positive change in the world. One such person is Mr. Tej Kohli. He is a person who wears different hats. Tej Kholi is an entrepreneur, investor, angel investor, and technology enthusiast who works closely with companies that work on robotics, the Internet of Things (IoT), biotechnology, and real estate. He provides updates and the trends that will change the world based on these things.

Tej Kohli is more than just all these. He is a philanthropist and an ardent advocate of eradicating poverty. His work in philanthropy is more than just giving money to institutes and NGOs. This London-based tycoon’s work includes the Tej Kohli & Ruit Foundation, Tej Kohli Cornea Institute, and the Tej Kholi Foundation.

The Tej Kohli Foundation’s focus is to further this philanthropist’s work by combining technology and science with humanity to rebuild and improve the lives of communities and individuals across the world. It is a global interdisciplinary center that funds scientific research and innovation. The Foundation has used the latest technology to offer bionic arms to disabled teenagers. As a technology investor, Tej Kohli works closely with organizations to create sustainable food sources for thousands of families in impoverished areas of the world.

The Foundation, over the years, has been funding the Tej Kohli Future Bionics, a program that is funding the pioneer Open Bionics. The Bristol-based robotics company has developed and built low-cost bionic limbs for teenagers. The project financed by Tej Kohli has been able to turn the disabilities of the children into superpowers, where they no longer have to depend on anyone else to get the work done. The children do not have to live with disabilities anymore. The ‘Hero Arm’ – name of the project allows the arm to be controlled by the electric signals generated by the user’s muscles. It is more than just a traditional prosthetics. Instead, it offers a multi-functional gip that allows the user to perform everyday life.

The limb is developed using a 3D printer and can be personalized by the user. The project has created a positive sign among the users and their families – all thanks to Mr. Tej Kohli.

A reader can follow Mr. Tej Kohli and the technology he thinks will make a positive change in the world through his blogs.

Clare Louise