Re-integrate The Solutions for the Proper Relationship Management

Re-integrate The Solutions for the Proper Relationship Management



Relationship management is essential in any organization. Research and experience teach us that people are willing to go the extra mile for people they have a relationship with. The professionals undertake various activities to expand network and maintain existing relationships. This way we reach more people and realize new partnerships. In this blog we discuss the working method and give tips about what you can do to get more out of your network.

How do we keep our network informed?

Personal contact is of great value in any relationship. We are daily on the road to appointments and introductions. This keeps us informed of the needs and current affairs of our relations. No relationship is the same and it is up to us to maintain good contact for optimal cooperation.

A good relationship, what is essential?

A relationship cannot function optimally if one of the parties does not fulfill the agreements. In addition, it is important not only to deliver what the partner expects, but to go one step further. It is essential to express and record mutual expectations. To find out how that extra step can be taken, you need knowledge about the goals and ambitions of your relationships. Ultimately, maintaining relationships and providing added value ensures a synergy that takes both parties to a higher level.

The search for new relationships

Maintaining relationships is of great importance, but the search for new connections is just as important. We are regularly present at various events where different professionals from the technical sector come together. Think of trade fairs, but certainly also at (high) schools. In addition, we approach people through the online channels. Now You should read review and understand what you can do in this process.


Invest in the future

Know what you can offer, but also what you need

Make sure you look for new relationships. A large network may seem impressive, but it is ineffective if your network does not want or cannot do anything for you. Know what you need and make sure you can briefly explain what you can do for your relationships. In this way you can quickly convince potential connections of your added value. It is also important to provide updates yourself and keep track of your network. The holidays are the perfect opportunity to invest in your network. Think of giving away a business gift or organizing an event.

We are curious about the success stories of your network activities

What have you been able to do for your relationships and what tips do you have in the field of relationship management? If a choice is made for network management, the third starting point is how the set of instruments can be used in such a way that it actually matches the social dynamics. This requires insight into the shapes and developments in the network. Which civil society organizations, companies, initiatives or citizens are active in this theme and can be supported with funding to contribute to the realization of public value? What is the current dynamic in the network: are there already party’s active, current initiatives that can be supported, or is it the challenge, for example, to bring about participation in this theme? Is it a stable form of social involvement, or is it incidental? Insight into these social dynamics is necessary to arrive at an appropriate form of financing. 

Danny White