Oppo Started Getting Competitive on High Price Market Too

Oppo Started Getting Competitive on High Price Market Too

Oppo has been in the smart device market for close to a decade now, however it has mainly been concentrating on budget-friendly, as well as mid-range smart devices. With the Reno-series as well as Discover X, the company got in the costly segment. The Reno-series assisted Oppo to obtain some market share in the premium section. In Q1 2020, Oppo signed up for the growth of 67% YoY from a reduced base.

With the Oppo Find X2 series phones, Oppo has debuted in the ultra-premium section. The Discover X2 Pro is provided in two SKUs, 256GB as well as 512GB versions, both having 12GB of RAM. With a price of around AUD $1,599, the smartphone is costlier compared to a Galaxy S20 phone. This clearly points that Oppo’s passion to take on the very best ones around.

The premium section is important for OEMs as it contributes to over half of the industry revenue. Nevertheless, the segment remains consolidated. Over the last couple of quarters, we are seeing that Chinese OEMs starting to split these segments through various approaches like introducing sub-brands, brand-new product lines, or 5G gadgets. Oppo, with the Discover X2 Pro, has released a 5G-capable premium gadget with a distinct style, excellent camera as well as a stunning screen. With the more demands on adopting 5G and declined demand about Huawei outside China, it is a void that needs to get filled in the costs section, mainly in markets like Europe. Oppo can utilize this opportunity. The Discover X2 Pro also displays prowess in the style of Oppo as well as innovation risks, which will additionally assist in acquiring mind share-across all markets.

Steep rates aside, Oppo has concentrated on display as well as camera technology, while additionally supplying future-proof 5G connectivity. The spec sheet sounds excellent theoretically; however, does the smartphone deliver on its guarantee? Can Oppo command at high rates or cannot be successful in there? I feel like it has started doing well in the high price market; therefore, let’s wait and watch.

Clare Louise