iPhone Screen Repair – How Much Does It Cost?

The most recent iPhone models’ screens can cost hundreds of dollars to replace, making it pricey to repair a damaged iPhone screen. Therefore, it would be practical to  compare prices.Yet, you shouldn’t base your decision solely on price. A lower cost can indicate that the repair is not being done by an Apple Approved Service Provider. You will forfeit your warranty if you do not use an Approved Apple Service Provider while your phone is still covered by warranty. Going with a third-party repair provider, however, can make financial sense if your phone is not covered by a guarantee. Remember that even while Apple offers a one-year warranty, many credit card companies will extend it by up to an additional year if you bought your unit with a credit card. The fact that the provider is not using Apple components is another factor for which you can get a reduced pricing. To ensure dependability, always use Apple components whenever available. Yet reliable repair companies offer warranties on their work. Hence, if your iPhone is an old unit it can be more cost-effective to hire a less expensive repair service that uses aftermarket components. If the problem with your iPhone is the screen, expect that the cost of repair is quite pricey. In most cases, the screen that can’t be repaired are totally replaced, which will cost you more money. If you are on a tight budget, it is best to know beforehand iPhone screen replacement price (ราคาเปลี่ยนจอ iphone, term in Thai) and compare various prices.

Can you get a free screen repair for your iPhone?

For flaws like poor pixels, Apple offers a one-year warranty (not if you dropped your phone and damaged the screen), and there are credit cards that automatically double that warranty. Hence, it’s worthwhile to take your iPhone to an Apple Store or official service provider of Apple when experiencing issues with your precious phone. That way you will know if your phone can still be fixed or not.

Would the greatest price for screen repair be provided by your phone insurance provider?

You might not have to pay anything to fix your iPhone screen if you have AppleCare+, or have a third party insurance provider coverage, or an insurance plan you may have acquired via your carrier. In most cases, the price of the third party insurance provider is way higher than the usual rate charged by official Apple provider. Therefore, you need to carefully weigh your options.

Estela Pfeiffer