Increase the longevity of your Best Inverter Generator

Increase the longevity of your Best Inverter Generator

You must have already bought yourself a good quality inverter generator. But for making sure that the versatility and the power are available readily there are some important factors that you should keep in mind. One of the most important factors, when you have invested in portable generators, is that you maintain it well. There can be high inefficiency noticed in case you don’t go ahead with proper maintenance. So we have a step guide for making sure that your source for power backup will work well without any hindrance.

  • Make Sure That You Are Using Fresh Oil:

This is small equipment of engine power and there is a need for changing oil from time to time for maintaining the reliability. Some of the biggest generator brands in the market always recommend that you change the oil after the use for 30 hours without fail. When this is done for the first time, the process can be repeated every 100 hours of the use. Also, be prepared for any kind of extended and unexpected power cuts, and this means that you must stock up on oil filters, oil, and gas for emergencies. 

  • Filters and Plugs:

Without the way for breathing and the way for igniting the cylinders in the engine, the best inverter generator will be useless. So make sure that the air filter as well as the spark plug is changed after around 200 usage hours. This roughly estimates to beginning and end of each season. When there is a new and clean spark plug and filter make sure that fuel-air is also proper so that the unit runs efficiently and the lifespan of the electronic equipment also extends.  

  • Empty The Tank When It’s Not In Use:

In case you had been planning for putting the inverter away for some months, the fuel tank should be drained completely. You can begin with the adding of quality stabilizer in the tank and run it for about 10 minutes. After the engine has cooled down, run it again till the gas is over and it shuts down. A siphon can be used in case gas is still left. 


Apart from the points we mentioned above, you should also charge the battery completely if you are going to store it. Doing so will make sure that the equipment works well at all times. 


Danny White