How to Summarize Texts and Documents

How to Summarize Texts and Documents

When you write a good article, it would be imperative that the summary of your article should be precise. Often, people would not take adequate time to add a great article summary. Rest assured that it could affect your ability to get the most from your articles.

It would be worth mentioning here that your alluring articles would appeal to the readers. You would require an effective summary to bring the readers into reading the article and admire it. Rest assured that every writer would look forward to ensuring the readers would stay with the article until the end. It would be in your best interest to write a great summary to ensure it.

Rules for precise summary writing

Any student, researcher, or academic should be able to summarize texts or documents. Let us outline some rules for accurate textual data summarizing in the essay.

Step 1: Read the article

Read the article from beginning to end first. Avoid ‘on-the-fly’ summarizing by reading and writing the summary simultaneously. Reading the text and making mental notes about the key points that were raised can help you understand the text’s primary issues. You should utilize and explain the ideas in your terms as much as you can, so avoid attempting to memorize any sentences from the article.

Step 2: Outline the Key Ideas

List the article’s key points in bullet points, arranged according to their logical progression. Depending on the length of the article, you want to have a list of between 3 and 10 suggestions. This will serve as the article’s foundation.

Step 3: Introduction

Create an introduction in a few sentences. Some authors find it difficult to start the introduction; in this instance, just indicate which article you have described, who the author is, and briefly describe the piece’s major theme.

Step 4: Develop each concept

Write multiple sentences that best explain each topic on your list. Depending on the length you want, write as much as necessary. In general, aim for one-tenth of the original length if one was not stated.

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Step 5: Drawing a Line

Put your summary’s conclusion in a paragraph or two. This is the spot to mention the conclusion if the article has one. You can also use the same strategy as the beginning and briefly summarize the primary idea or problem of the original article.

If you followed these recommendations, your summary should be well-written and have a smooth structure.

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