How To Reveal And Fix Hidden Mistakes In Your Photos

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There is no worse feeling than spending minutes and hours of retouching on a job and that soon after delivering it, you see that there were hidden errors in your photos.

Many times, these errors are solved in a few minutes, but the main problem is to find them, since they can be small in size, or get confused between the colors in the photo.

To avoid this, some editing software hides a couple of secrets in the form of adjustments that work like magnifying glasses to find these errors and be able to solve them. Let’s get them!

The Tools To Reveal Hidden Errors

  • Threshold
  • Black and white

Each one is used for a type of error, although the first one is almost always used since it is the most useful and that more information will provide you.

With the Threshold tool, you can discover errors in solid color backgrounds, such as in product photography, to see that everything is clean. It is also used to highlight clipping errors in montages, as it will show you the edges that shouldn’t be there.

Another use that can be given is to know the behavior of light. This tool will show you the passage of lighting through your photo, from the highest to the lowest lights, so that, if you make a montage, you can check if it moves naturally throughout the image.

Using the black and white filter will help you see contrast errors in your photo. Since color is distracting, turning the photo into black and white is a good idea to see how contrast behaves in a basic way and to know where there is more and where less.

What About Contrast Errors?

By converting the photo to black and white, what you are achieving is reducing all the information in the photo except the contrast. Go to

With this, you are going to look for harmony in the contrast of your image, that everything is balanced, and there are no areas that stand out and can attract too much attention.

Paul Petersen