How is Dedicated Server Hosting Different from Shared Hosting and VPS Server

How is Dedicated Server Hosting Different from Shared Hosting and VPS Server

Dedicated Server Hosting is the pinnacle of web hosting solutions and the oldest as well. A Dedicated Server gives you the luxury of hosting only one website at a time, which gives it numerous advantages over other platforms. A Dedicated Hosting Server setup is fundamentally different from other hosting solutions. Shared Hosting uses one physical server for multiple websites. VPS Hosting creates multiple virtual machines on one server. But Dedicated Hosting pairs one website with one server.

These basic differences give the different hosting services their distinct characteristics which distinguish their performance from others. Let’s take a look at how Dedicated Server Hosting is different from Shared Hosting and a VPS Server.

  1. Performance

A Dedicated Server hosts only one website and reserves all its resources for it. Shared Hosting hosts numerous websites and all its key resources are shared between them all. VPS Hosting creates multiple virtual machines that share the physical server’s resources amongst themselves. Dedicated Server Hosting offers the best performance as the website gets access to resources of an entire server and there’s no imminent danger of resources running out.

  1. Security

Dedicated Server Hosting holds an advantage here as well. With only one website to worry about, it can concentrate all its security efforts towards protecting it. With multiple websites on a Shared Hosting server, it opens up multiple possible breach points. While this problem doesn’t exist in VPS Hosting, it can still get infected; and once that happens, it takes all the websites down.

  1. Ease of Use

Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting are very user-friendly and feature easy-to-use interfaces. With a powerful control panel, even a relatively new website owner can take care of their website with ease. Dedicated Server Hosting hands over the entire control to you and thus has a learning curve. You will need some expertise in web hosting to use it to its full capability.

  1. Customisation

Dedicated Servers allow you the most possibilities for customisations. From choosing your hardware configuration to selecting your firewall, antivirus and other software, you can build it from the ground up. Shared Hosting is the least customisable, while VPS Hosting is fairly customisable to a certain degree.

  1. Scalability

While Shared Hosting supports a kind of scalability, it is not as scalable as VPS or Dedicated Server Hosting. VPS hosting’s scalability is restricted by its hardware. A Dedicated Server’s flexibility depends on its hardware configuration as well, but it is easier to upgrade it as per the site owner’s specifications. They face no restrictions while upgrading their server hardware. On the other hand, VPS and Shared Hosting’s hardware upgrades are entirely controlled by the hosting provider.

  1. Pricing

This is where finally Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting win over Dedicated Server Hosting. Dedicated Server Hosting is the most expensive hosting platform, while Shared Hosting is the cheapest. VPS sits somewhere in between but more at the lower end of the pricing scale. The quality of hardware, additional security and the performance that Dedicated Server Hosting offers costs money. But for businesses seeking these features, a Dedicated Server makes for the perfect hosting platform.

Dedicated Server Hosting might be the costliest hosting option. But it is also the most powerful, the most secure, stable and reliable web hosting solution.

Criss Roman