Here’s why photographers should see the world differently:

Here’s why photographers should see the world differently:

No matter how well you know all the technical functions of your camera, unless you have a vision they are of no use to you. By just knowing how your high-end camera functions will let you create similar results as other people who just only know about the camera. In order to make your work stick with the audience, you need to envision a shot and then plan according to it. Keep in mind that camera only serves as a tool but it is you, the artist, how is going to use this tool efficiently to make your vision come alive. Now, before taking a shot you need to see the world first around you. Let the scenery around you get absorbed by your eyes and body and let your sub conscious come up with an idea. Only then you will be able to create.

Editing is as much as art as taking a picture is:

Most people overlook the editing phase of photography. They think that editing might ruin their image, or it will be the editing program that will deserve all the credit. What you need to understand is that there is a photographer that uses this program as a tool to drive the image as he desires. Before finalizing your image, color image editing should also be done to make the colors more vibrant. Doing so will help your image to stand out a lot to the viewers.

Keep learning the new skills along with experimenting:

In order to find your own voice, you have to keep playing with your different weird ideas. Try to learn new skills that you can add in your photography skill set. Double exposure photography is on the rise, you can know more about it here Go to new places that you have always wanted to visit and try to find inspiration there. You can never know how changing your surroundings can drive your inner creative force.


Criss Roman