Guide to the Specifications of the Best Dell Rack Servers

Guide to the Specifications of the Best Dell Rack Servers

Rack servers are beasts in their workload carrying capacity with their tremendous processing power. They can run high-end applications with ease. Compared to a tower server, these rack servers save a lot of space too.

Dell PowerEdge R440 series has some of the best rack servers you can buy. With different prices, they come with different specs like:

The SNSR4401 Is the Most Economical One

Having a price tag of below 85K bucks, the SNSR4401 is still a good catch for its value. Powered by the 22 cored Intel Xeon processor and 16 GB of DDR4 RAM, it delivers great performance.

Regarding storage space, it has 2×480 GB of SSD, which is pretty fast. You can have a 450W Gold power plug or 550W Platinum ones. The chassis is a 2.5 1U Rack chassis having provisions for up to 8 Hot Plug hard drives.

You can get up to 3 years of ProSupport from the team.

The SNSR4402 Gears Up The Performance

With a hefty price tag, at 156.9K Baht, the Dell PowerEdge R440 SNSR4402 is a good choice too. With the same powerful 22 cores of the Intel Xeon processor, this one has excessive fast memory.

It has 32 GB of blazingly fast DDR4 RAM, which promises to deliver sheer performance. Storage space too gets a great boost, where it has 4×480 GB of SSD. It can go all up to 6 Gbps of data transmission. Regarding power supplies, you get the same 450W Gold and 550W Platinum bricks as the SNSR4401.

Warranty periods and offerings also remain the same as the other model.

Compatible Operating Systems Of The PowerEdge R440

Dell PowerEdge R440 series rack servers support quite a lot of operating systems. Operating systems like Canonical, Ubuntu, LTS Citrix, XenServer, and Microsoft Windows Server are all compatible with the series PowerEdge R440 series.

Making The Final Verdict For You

The SNSR4401 and the SNSR4402 are both powerful servers with a definite target audience. If your workload is beyond normal or daily usage, you should go for the later one. With an economical price tag, the SNSR4401 does almost every task you throw at it with ease. However, if you are a lover of optimum performance, SNSR4402 is your thing.

No matter whichever you buy, you will get the service of Dell. This is, of course, a top reason to buy one of them from Dell.

Estela Pfeiffer