Facts every user needs to keep in mind when using a VPN

Facts every user needs to keep in mind when using a VPN

How many of you use a VPN? And how many of you are only thinking about investing? For those who haven’t used a VPN and are still learning a little about it, then this guide is for you. Before we begin, you first need to understand that not all VPN services are the same. Each has a distinct purpose and performs differently.

This is where many VPN users often have many misconceptions regarding the service. So, before investing, it’s crucial that you learn a little about the security software. This will give you a bigger idea on how to choose the best VPN, how to operate it, and how to remove all VPN misconceptions that you may have previously had.

VPN facts that you must bear in mind

A VPN is a great security and unblocking tool, but users seem to have the wrong ideas about it. Let’s discuss some main points removing all misunderstandings, starting with:

·         A VPN will completely protect you online

Please don’t confuse VPN protection with 100% security. There exists no software or tool that’ll protect you 100%. There are always vulnerabilities that come with it. Most VPN users are under the impression that since a VPN offers security and online protection they can just about carry out any activity online, regardless of the consequences.

·         The more expensive the better

I can put two completely similar pieces of paper and sell one expensive and the other for cheap. You’ll probably go for the more expensive one just because I gave it a fancier name. The point is, just because a VPN is overly advertised doesn’t always mean they’re the best. Some of the best VPN services out there are often affordable and offer regular VPN deals. You’ll be able to feel the difference if you test it.

·         Free VPN services are your friend

No, they’re not. There are only a couple of reliable free VPN services, while the rest aren’t exactly what you’d deem as great. If you’re looking for a free VPN, there are premium providers that offer a limited time free trial.

·         VPN services instantly increase speed

No, they won’t. They make them consistent. When you connect to a VPN server, there are times it could drastically decrease your connection speeds despite what your local speeds actually are. To find the best server, you need to choose one that’s within closer proximity to you.

·         A VPN can go undetected

Even though that’s your main focus, and even though the service you choose offers great security and privacy features, every VPN software comes with vulnerabilities. It won’t completely anonymize your physical location or the websites you visit. If users try and access platforms like Netlfix, there are chances they might get blocked out. Netflix among other services go through great heights trying to detect VPN services and blacklist IP addresses.

To conclude

That’s about it! These were the main facts regarding VPN services. It’s always better that you do a little research before settling for any. If you’re looking for a VPN that’s a little budgeted for testing purposes, never use a free provider. There are many top providers that are still offering the best Black Friday VPN deals.

Clare Louise