Factors Affecting the Price Calculation of Printer Cost Per Page

Factors Affecting the Price Calculation of Printer Cost Per Page

Printers are being widely used even in offices and homes after the pandemic has forced people to work from home. One issue that has become a matter of concern for everyone including the printer manufacturers is the price of printer ink. As a result of this, everything related to a printer has become expensive. However, it has gotten much more expensive since the emergence of the multifunction printer.

Printers nowadays can be used as scanner, photocopier, printer, etc. Apart from scanning the other two functions take up a lot of ink. This increases the cost of ink because the printouts are more and each printout whether copy or printed requires inks. Therefore, the entire print environment plays an important role in printing costs. 

It is needless to say, that buying renowned brand gives surety of quality and long-lasting effect. This is why you should always go with the brand that is compatible with your printer. If you’re worried about the cost of the ink, you can buy from a retailer that sells authentic products at a reasonable price. 

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Printing Cost Calculation

Paper Costs

Paper is purchased in packages. The package’s price is divided by the number of sheets included in the package. This works out the cost of a single sheet of paper. Once the box costs $5 and contains 500 sheets of paper, each sheet costs $0.001 

Ink and Toner Costs

If you’re calculating your actual cost-per-print, you may need to determine the worth of the cartridges you’re using. If you can’t find this information, you can use average retail prices for the toner cartridges you use. These numbers can be found on the websites of print manufacturers or workplace supply companies. You may only need the cost of the black toner cartridge to calculate black and white cost-per-print. You can also find the total value of all cartridges for color: black, cyan, magenta, and yellow.

Total Value Calculation

You can calculate your cost-per-print once you’ve gathered all of the necessary information- 

For black and white cost-per-print: 

Divide the price of the toner cartridge by the page yield. 

Toner price cartridge/Page Yield = Cost per print

Furthermore, assuming that all color cartridges are of equal value and provide the same number of pages:

you can multiply the cost-per-print of one-color cartridge (as done previously) by three. Finally, include the cost-per-print in black and white.

Additional Factors that Affect the Price 

  • Equipment acquisition cost, which could include a purchase price, a lease, or a cost-per-page arrangement.
  • Toner, developer, paper and other print media, staples, and other supplies are all continuous expenses.
  • Monthly service agreements or one-time maintenance cost.
  • How much time staff spends on fixing equipment, ordering supplies, scheduling maintenance, and so on?
  • Equipment’s lifecycle includes depreciation as well as the availability of newer, more advanced technology.

Printing costs will be a significant part of a company’s budget if it has a large print volume. An output analysis provides insight into the required data, allowing for a reasonable estimate. 

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