Enjoy The Benefits of The AccessiBe WordPress Plugin for Your Site

Enjoy The Benefits of The AccessiBe WordPress Plugin for Your Site

When you are the WordPress site owner, you must ensure that a wide range of elements is accessible to everyone, including people with disabilities. In order to get full accessibility, you need to ensure that all these elements have to sync in together for attaining this task. All the themes and the plugins you choose for your WordPress site must boost accessibility.

The accessibe wordpress plugin is an innovative tool for WordPress site accessibility. It helps you to boost the levels of accessibility in the following areas-

  1. Colors, images, and alt text– Those with visual impairments should have a good experience when they visit your site. You should ensure that the color contrast between the background and the text is in sync with one another. This goes the extra mile to promote the readability factor of your site. At the same time, ensure you use a color palette that is not too loud to distract the user from the main content. Alt text for the image benefits users with visual impairments as they describe the imagery of your site and enables the screen reader to outline what the image depicts.
  • Shorthands and acronyms– There are some users who do not understand shorthand and acronyms. They might not have the context needed to accurately communicate this jargon to the reader. It is important for the site to define technical phrases and acronyms from the outset.
  • Contact forms- These forms should be simple for the user to follow and fill in. The text should be aligned to the left, and the box should be labeled constantly. You should use standard terminology here instead of being descriptive or funny. The most common titles used in forms should be Name, Email, Phone Number, Send,etc.
  • Links- Screen readers find links in the content to make it easier for users with visual impairments to navigate your site. The anchor text used on the site should have a sufficient description to indicate where this link takes the visitor. For instance, find additional tips on web accessibility here- this offers the user more information than “here.”
  • Texts and fonts– For better readability, the text on your site should give you a font size of 16px, at the least. For better readability, you should choose a simple font like serif font. Do not choose fonts that are too elaborate or have too many swirls.
  • Accessibility statement– In case your site does not offer the required accessibility for specific users. In this case, you must let them know so that they can look elsewhere. As a business owner, you should give them this information via an accessibility statement on your site where you can inform visitors of those parts of the statement that are not accessible for specific users.

Therefore, when it comes to web accessibility, you must keep the above in mind. With the accessibe wordpress plugin, you can make your site fully compliant with ADA and WCAG guidelines in a cost-effective and timely manner with success!

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