Decoding the best cybersecurity measures for the retail industry

Decoding the best cybersecurity measures for the retail industry


Numerous reports are suggestive that the retail industry is being targeted by hackers, time and again. Just identifying the security concerns is the first step and certainly not enough. Retailers need to understand and appreciate the need for a proactive stance towards cybersecurity. When hackers are using backdoor exploit and other tactics, businesses in the retail industry have to be a step ahead. In this post, we are sharing a few tips on how retailers can do better with cybersecurity. Check out cyber security course in hyderabad to know more.

Understanding on-premise security

Even ecommerce businesses need to understand that on-premise security is essential and must be the first focus. With IP video surveillance, businesses now have to worry about hackers getting access to various systems and passwords, which can mean compromising with the entire surveillance network. If your company is using IP cameras, a few steps can go a long way in preventing hacking attempts – 

  • Ensure that passwords are strong and changed frequently, at least once in every three to four months. 
  • Keep a watch on access. Consider granting access only when necessary, and make sure that devices being used for accessing these systems are protected with firewalls. 
  • Do not use default passwords and usernames. Change as soon as IP surveillance systems are installed. 
  • Update firmware. Manufacturers are constantly trying to do better with cybersecurity, and these firmware updates are typically free and offered regularly when required. 

Cloud adoption can be tricky

While deploying cloud solutions has eased many things for businesses, this is essentially not without cybersecurity consequences. Retailers and ecommerce industries need to understand that their businesses are prime targets because they have a huge volume of consumer data. One small breach can impact millions, and if consumers are not careful and employees don’t take necessary steps, chances are high that hackers will try malware and ransomware attacks. 

Focus on employees, privilege accounts and train people

Unfortunately, much like in other industries, employees are one of the weakest links in ensuring cybersecurity in the retail industry. They often don’t have any idea of how they can do better with passwords, or how to rely on network security to do their job. Training people is an absolute must, and it is necessary for retailers to get people involved. A proactive stance is necessary at all levels, and this could mean spending a considerable amount for getting experts to train and offer tips to employees. Visit cyber security course in bangalore to apply now.

Do not take cybersecurity for granted – the retail industry needs it more than ever!

Estela Pfeiffer