Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup

If you are looking for a cleaner and a booster app, then friends you are at the right place. This post is about one of the most effective cleaner and a booster apps you can choose for your Android. The app Avast Cleanup. Wonderful junk cleaner and a booster. If you want to make your device perform smoothly then you should download this cleaner app. 

What Avast Cleanup does?

This mainly acts as a cleaner which removes all kinds of useless or rarely used files from your Android. these files only waste your valuable space. By removing these files, you can secure more space for your important files. the files to be removed includes junk files, rarely used apps and files, duplicated files, media files with poor quality and many more. The app functions smartly in identifying these files and removing them forever. This process is just a matter of few seconds and few steps. 

Storage and the battery are the most considered factors about Android. We all like a device with more space and long-lasting batter life. Thanks to this Avast Cleanup now you can be happy. As this save space the app also protects your battery life. This is done by hibernating high-battery eating apps mostly. Apps active in the background sometimes drains more power. So, this is prevented by hibernating these apps. 

Cleaning RAM by Avast Cleanup also makes your device cleaner and as well as save the battery life. Here there is an option to set some profiles about your battery life. These profiles let you to conserve your battery in different way under different circumstances. 

The app overview features of the app permit you to have a clear idea about the Usage statistics, notifications, growth of the app sizes, apps draining battery, CPU, and storage. Plus, media overview feature allows you to have a quick idea about all your media files. 

Is it free?

You can download this app freely from Google Play Store, Aptoide or from AC Market app store. But this free version is ads-supported. If you want to eliminate these ads then you can upgrade for the premium version. This premium version includes some other extra features also than the free version in addition to be free from the ads. Some of these extra features includes Pro battery life, Automatic cleaning function. Deep clean, different themes to select from, and also direct support for Avast.

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