A Guide To Smart Home For Every Pet Owners

A Guide To Smart Home For Every Pet Owners

If you have pets at your place, you would want to take care of them. Just like humans, advancement in technology has made life easier for your furry friends as well. There are several smart devices for pets that will help you to take better care of them. But what are smart homes? Let’s find out!

What do you mean by ‘Smart Homes’?

Smart homes are those houses where technology is used, and automation is encouraged. No matter where you are, Smart Homes help you to control all the small things at your place. Whether you are on vacation or working – having a smart home makes your life easier. A lot of people in Singapore have decided to opt for a smart home. People are busy, and a smart home allows them to achieve work-personal life balance. But what are these smart devices that you can use for your pets? Let’s find out!

  • Smart Cameras 

A lot of families in Singapore have opted for Smart Cameras to look after their pets. It is not a feasible option to stay at home at all times. However, you can keep an eye on your pets even when you are away. Apart from providing additional security to your smart home, you can look at what your pets are up to while you are at work. It can also help you to come up with strategies to deal with their separation anxiety.

  • Automatic pet doors

Now you do not have to manually open the door for your pets. Instead, you can install an automatic pet door for your cat or dog. You can even set timers or let the door open automatically for your pets. This is especially useful if you have a yard and your pet likes to go out and play.

  • Smart pet feeders

One of the most useful smart devices for pets are smart pet feeders. There are times when you might get stuck at work, and there is no one else to feed your pet. However, if you install a smart feeder at home, your problems will get solved. You can control it using your smartphone, and it will give out food to your pet without any hassle.

  • Smart robot vacuum cleaner 

Pets tend to shed a lot of furs, and it can be a hassle to clean your house regularly. It can become a choking hazard for you and your pets. But do not worry! A lot of people in Singapore now trust the smart robot vacuum cleaner. It does the work for you and leaves your house absolutely clean.

  • Self-cleaning litter box

There are several options when it comes to Smart Litter Box. If you have a cat or a bird, this is a boom for you. It helps you to keep your house hygienic and odourless. You can even set the timer for it and clean it at a suitable time.

  • Smart pet tracker

Constantly worried about your pet’s whereabouts? How about purchasing a smart pet tracker? If your pet tends to wander on its own, it is the perfect smart device. It comes with GPS systems, which help you to track your pet’s location. These trackers can send you notifications on your laptop, phone, or tablet.

  • Smart Water Fountain

Several companies in the market cater to your pets’ needs, and a lot of them have developed smart water fountain devices. Such devices are extremely helpful as you can track how much water your pet has consumed. Just like humans, your furry friends have to drink enough water in order to stay healthy.

  • Smart thermostat

Your pets thrive in optimal temperature. But you might not be at home at all times. You can now change the temperature at home using your smartphone. All you need to do is to get a smart thermostat for your smart home. Whether you are in your room or on vacation – with just one tap, you can bring down or turn up the temperature at your place.

  • Smart lights

Pets cannot function properly if they are alone and in the dark. But how can you avoid it? In your smart home, you can add motion sensors and smart lights. Wherever your furry friends move, the lights will turn on, and you do not have to worry anymore. Motion sensors also act as your eyes when you are away and help keep your furry friends safe.

  • Smart mats for pets

If you have expensive items at your place, only using a smart robot vacuum cleaner will not do the trick. Pets often do not understand boundaries, and here is where you can get smart mats. Several mats can be placed in the forbidden areas of your house. Since these mats have motion sensors, you will be able to track if your pet has ventured into that zone. These mats will give out a light shock so that your pets will not toy with the expensive things at your place. It might seem cruel, but it is completely safe, and your pet won’t be harmed.

  • Smart hubs

A smart hub acts as the brain of a smart house. All the previously mentioned items can be integrated and controlled using a hub. The key to selecting the right one is to ensure that it is compatible with all your existing devices and the devices you want to purchase in the future. Many families in Singapore have opted for voice-operated Smart Hubs as several leading companies produce these.

To Sum It Up

Now that you are aware of the different pet-friendly smart items, what are you waiting for? It might not be possible for you to stay at home at all times. But, by using these products, you can be with your pets 24/7. These smart devices are developed to make your and your pet’s life comfortable. Smart robot vacuum cleaners are the latest technology to use.

Paul watson