8 important tricks of SEO that every start up should know

8 important tricks of SEO that every start up should know

Making your startup known is a long-term job but essential for an entrepreneur.

 Developing the visibility of a startup with the help of SEO Company in Bangalore makes it possible to increase its notoriety among its targets and to generate a community at the same time. 

Here are some of the basics SEO tips to achieve this.

Being first on Google is what every entrepreneur wants. However, since there is unluckily no magic method for this, it is significant to focus your efforts on the best SEO practices of Digital Marketing Company in Bangalore, will allow you to optimize your natural referencing. 

The tips our web agency experts present to you in this article will help you drive organic transfer to your site and get better your ranking on Google. 

Have you heard of search engine optimization or SEO and would like to benefit from this web marketing leverage? 

But you don’t know where to start? Here are ten tips for beginners to optimize your natural referencing. Before you begin, here is some basic information about natural referencing (SEO): To test your web page load times, you can use the free tool in the Google suite, Page Speed Insights. 

Just enter the URL of the web page you want to crawl, and Google will suggest solutions to improve your page load time.




The loading rate of a web page is a necessary decisive factor for the user experience and the SEO of your site. 

Indeed, if an Internet user wishes to visit a Web page of your site and that this one takes an additional than 3 seconds to load, he is very probable to leave it. On Instagram, they have the wind in their sails. It’s the perfect way to share educational (and useful) content with your audience. 

The good news is, they tend to be shared a lot in Stories or saved. Whether it’s LinkedIn or Instagram, these content platforms love that you spend time watching and interacting with content.

Precisely, carousels are more busy posts that require more attention.




Writing content is essential for any business wishing to position itself at the top of the search results ranking. 

By posting and sharing great content, you will improve brand consciousness. In adding, this content is a chance for you to prove your expertise in your field. Indeed, if a user reads your content and finds it relevant, they will have a positive opinion of your business and will likely call on you if they need or feel like it. 

In order to wait spirited, you require to make sure you write more or less the same amount of content as your competition. However, it is useless to write a content of 1,500 words if it does not add value to the user. 

To this end, SEO Company in Delhi will advise you to write at least 500 words of content while taking care of the structure, spelling and lexical field used.




Should we prioritize the quality of content or the quantity of web content? The answer is obviously: both, in order to appear credible with Google AND your audience.




First, you require to do a keyword investigate to discover which keywords you want to rank for. 

You can use a number of tools for this, such as Google Keyword Planner; if we insist on using this keyword wisely, it is for the simple reason that it is unnecessary to include it everywhere and unnecessarily. 

In arrange intended for search engines to take your website seriously, you need to use this keyword in some context and in a natural way.




The name tag and Meta account are the first things citizens see when your webpage appears in look for results. 

Your title tag must reflect the search intent of the internet users, that is, the content that the internet user wants to see by entering a query on the web. 

Also, including your page keyword in this tag will help Google and the Internet user understand what your page is about, and therefore improve its positioning in search results.




To optimize your natural referencing, you must also work on your URLs so that they are understandable for both Google and Internet users.




Internal networking is also a strategy to put in place to optimize your SEO. Primary of all, what is the internal connecting of a website? 

This is a method that you are going to put in place to create links between the different web pages on your site. 

For example, in the paragraph above, we inserted a link on the words “the internal mesh”, redirecting to an article of our blog dealing with this subject.




External links, more commonly known as backlinks, are links embedded on another website than yours, redirecting Internet users to your site. This will allow Google to take your site more seriously.


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