7 BEST Ways That Managers Can Facilitate Their Work Environment in 2021

7 BEST Ways That Managers Can Facilitate Their Work Environment in 2021

There are few ways that managers can enable their employees to work in a stress free environment.

  1. Elevate the Importance of Workplace Wellness

There are work wellness programs that are deployed at workplaces that are of great help to employees especially when it is done in a group format.  This sends a message to the employees that their health is of paramount importance to the employer.

  1. Encourage Flex Time and Remote Working

Even though this is quite a trend nowadays, thanks to the pandemic, there have been companies that allowed for flexible work schedules and Secure Remote Access working.  However, many managers were sceptical about the quality and the productivity of their employees which otherwise proved that work from home employees were far more productive as compared to their counterparts.

  1. Set Crystal Clear, Realistic Goals

Setting unrealistic employee expectations can reduce the morale of the employees and if you really want that the employee shows productivity, then the employer has to reassess the goals.  Setting SMART goals will always prove to be smarter and it may be consistently followed by the employee as well.  It has been estimated that up to $300 billion per year has been spent on employee productivity schemes.

  1. Provide the Right Digital Tools

The employee may have the necessary time and resources to meet the deadlines, however, at times they may feel a lot of pressure. This is when they need to be provided with the right digital and IT tools like project management, productivity tools and so on.

  1. Allow for Dedicated Unplugged Time

Digitization has its own set of stress related issues and so there may be problems of concentrating on one particular task.  Digital distraction is the greatest problem at the workplace.  Hence, making some time for employees to just unplug may be of great help which means no phone calls, text messages or responding to emails.. 60% of them (employees) would like to make this a routine.

  1. Encourage Feedback and Team Decision-making

Top-down management may be one of the reasons for workplace stress so employers are not encouraging open feedback from employees and also owning up to employees being a part of the team when it comes to decision making.

Employers can now use an employee monitoring feature to track the work efficiency of employees.

  1. Provide Development and Advancement Opportunities

Make way for advancement opportunities and allowing them to develop their skill sets in order for them to prosper in the company

Clare Louise