6 free alternatives to Microsoft Excel

6 free alternatives to Microsoft Excel

The free alternatives to Microsoft Excel are available. In this article, we will look into 6 such alternatives to Microsoft Excel. They are Google sheets, Microsoft Office Excel online, Zoho sheet, LibreOffice Calc, Apache OpenOffice Calc, and WPS Office Spreadsheets. Microsoft Office apps that include Excel, are quite expensive. If you want to save money, you can go for certain alternatives to Excel that are easily available on Cloud and can be readily installed on your device for free. Do check out Lio for iphone

Google sheets

The Google sheet is capable of performing most of the tasks that Excel users can accomplish. The app is hosted in the cloud and is capable of running in the web browser. It can run on Linux systems, Windows, macOS, etc. There is nothing that you can lose as Google Sheets will save all the important documents in Google drive.

Real-time collaboration is possible in this app, which enables multiple users to make changes in the document at the same time. The users can also chat using the document window. Some of the advanced features that you have in Microsoft Excel are missing and hence it is better to reconfirm if the features that you want are available. Scripting is also available on Google sheets which are based on JavaScript.

Microsoft Office Excel Online

Microsoft Office Excel Online is closer to Google sheets than the desktop version of Excel. The app has all the basic features, the automatic cloud saving can be done in OneDrive. Most of the features that are enjoyed by Excel power users are either read-only or restricted and it has no VBA scripting, it has no find and replace feature, external data connections cannot be created and it also has no advanced charting features. All these features are read-only in Excel Online.

Zoho Sheet

Zoho sheet includes data visualization, collaboration, and other automation features that enable the user to get the work done quickly. Zoho sheet being a cloud-based spreadsheet is free and it supports various file types like .tsv. CSV, .xls, .ods, which helps to move your current sheet to the Zoho sheet.  VBA code and macros can be used to automate the updates and perform the tasks quickly. The Zoho sheet can be used in your mobile app or it can even be published on the web. The integrations and extensions are faster and they can be used to consolidate the information in one sheet. The Zia, Zoho’s Al enables visualization of the data with the help of pivot tables, graphs, or charts.

LibreOffice Calc

The app has its own Excel alternative which is known as Calc. It lacks real-time collaboration and cloud support. LibreOffice has a robust list of features that are not quite common in excel. It also has certain more advanced functions than Excel, it can make comparisons in two different spreadsheet files, it can handle legacy spreadsheet imports from the old applications that were previously available on Mac OS and Windows, and they even have more cell formatting options. Some of the drawbacks are it cannot handle data from outside sources, limited macro recording ability, cannot export documents from generic XML, is unable to display advanced chart types, etc.

Apache OpenOffice Calc

Apache OpenOffice Calc can be recommended to those Windows users who are not very comfortable working with Microsoft office’s post-2007 interface. This has gained supremacy among the other alternatives to Microsoft Office. The main disadvantage of this app is the issue with other free platforms like the absence of cloud support. It has no real-time collaboration or native cloud connection.

WPS Office Spreadsheets

The WPS Office is a paid app, but there are fully featured free versions and is ad supported. But, don’t let ads stop you from giving this app a try as the ads generally last for only a few seconds and they pop up only when giving the print command. Once the ad is watched, the feature gets unlocked for thirty minutes and if you want to permanently get rid of the ad, you can pay 29.99 dollars for one year or 119.99 dollars to get the lifetime license.

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