5 Features to Look Out for in Your Reseller Hosting Provider

5 Features to Look Out for in Your Reseller Hosting Provider

There are many attractive profit-making opportunities available online. With the rising need for customised web hosting solutions, the prominence of Reseller Hosting as a viable business option has grown exponentially in recent times. As a hosting reseller, you need neither a high initial investment nor in-depth technical know-how. For small entrepreneurs who are engaged in web development, web design and other smaller web companies, Reseller Hosting can be a natural extension to the current businesses.

What is Reseller Hosting?

Reseller Web Hosting offers a readymade hosting framework from a Reseller Hosting provider company. The hosting resellers can rent server space and hosting resources from the provider, re-brand and re-package them and sell customised hosting packages to their customers. All the technical aspects like server space, server management, upkeep, upgrades, etc. are taken care of by the provider. The hosting company also offers 24×7 technical support. Thus, Reseller Hosting is a viable option for small businesses to foray into the web hosting business and earn profits.

In case you are planning to kick start your hosting reseller business, it is important to assess and analyse the offerings of different service providers. Technically, Reseller Web Hosting is convenient and flexible. However, not all providers rank the same, and the best way to decide is to judge them in terms of their services. 

Five Things to Consider When Selecting a Reseller Web Hosting Service Provider

  1. Customer Support:

As mentioned above, all of the backend support and maintenance tasks are executed by the parent web host. It is their prerogative to offer efficient server setup and quick grievance redressal. Customers expect a speedy solution to all the problems and technical issues. Hence, the need to testify in favour of sound customer support. It is desirable that prior to selecting the service provider, entrepreneurs enter into direct communication with their support staff to assess their extent of knowledge and expertise. As most businesses run round-the-clock, it is vital to select a Reseller Hosting provider that offers 24×7 dedicated tech support.

  1. Website Uptime:

The uptime determines the availability of the website online. A client will not choose your services if you offer lower uptime, and they have to face constant outages. However, when it comes to the uptime guarantee, what you get is what you provide. Therefore, before selecting the ideal website hosting service provider, it is important to keep a check on the total uptime guarantee offered by the parent host. Anything below 99.5% is not stable and must not be chosen as your hosting service provider. 

  1. Regular Maintenance of Server:

Another vital aspect when picking up the right Reseller Hosting provider is the availability of server maintenance. As the Reseller Hosting provider owns the server infrastructure and resources, it is expected that they offer substantial support in terms of server management and maintenance. The parent host must guarantee 24×7 availability of services with extended support towards DDoS migration, hardware installation, firewall configuration, etc.

  1. Features Offered:

Keep an eye on the list of features as offered by the service provider. There are plenty of Reseller Web Hosting service providers, and each has separate plans customised to meet certain needs. Irrespective of the type of the plan and the provider, the following features, are a must in every reselling hosting account.

  1.     A free Domain Reseller Account
  2.   An integrated billing and client management tool like WHMCS or ClientExec. Either of them could be available at a discounted price or for free.
  3.     A free SSL certificate with the Reseller Hosting plan
  4.     An intuitive one-click Script installation application like Softaculous
  5.     Professional Email service with unlimited email accounts and SMTP
  6.       An integrated control panel for individual hosting account management
  7. Pricing:

The final yet important consideration is the price of the hosting account. This might vary from plan to plan and provider to provider. One must not base their consideration solely on the price of the Reseller Hosting account. Assess the requirements of your clients, determine your own business goals and then finalise a provider that offers all the features at a cost-effective price.

Final Word

Selecting the right Reseller Hosting service provider can get complicated with the multiplicity of providers and plans on offer. It is important to be wise enough to conduct substantial research before making the decision. A reliable host that excels in all of the above-stated factors is the best bet.

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