3 Nonstandard Ways to Use Work Examiner Employee Monitoring Software

3 Nonstandard Ways to Use Work Examiner Employee Monitoring Software

As one of the major employee monitoring tools, Work Examiner has got various customers. These are the CEOs and top managers of small, medium, and large corporate. They are from different spheres, countries, and even continents.

Now each of them would be using our remote employee monitoring tools in different ways. Among the other employee monitoring tools, ours is customized and adapted for achieving all the requirements of various businesses.

In this article, we have added some of the interesting non-standard usages of our Work Examiner tool.

 Watch a video and optimize your business

We got a particular request for assistance from an insurance company. They didn’t want the remote control but they required a method to optimize their business by recording video from the desktop of their employees.

Here the mattress was about the multi-level procedure involved in the interaction using the Diasoft system. This was the basic communication system between the regional branches of the firm and the underwriting department of the central office. Frankly, both companies’ departments complained about the intricacy and labor intensity of the system that was taking a lot of time.

Now the video recording option of our employee monitoring software helped the firm understand the presence of the duplication of work. Also, there was excessive bureaucracy involved in the document reconciliation.

 Handling staff of remote translators

We got a request from a translation agency. They wanted to optimize the whole process of interaction with their remote translator. Our social media tool provides the option to monitor the computer online.

With our tool, the managers could operatively view each of the employees, whether they are in the workplace and if not send a request to them to be at the workplace.

 Get employees who don’t do anything

A longtime client of ours wanted to use our Work Examiner differently. They are the ones who have been using our program for many years and wanted to expand its range of skills.

In this company, there were certain accountants and these were outsourcing their services to another company from time to time. Here the accountant had access to the terminal server using the RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol). Since there were many issues with the SAP, especially when certain remote employees did nothing.

With our tool, the management recorded all the interaction process present in the terminal server. Here this helped them to find out the culprit of the failure and even restore the system fast through the log checking. Plus, the errors committed in each stage were found out.

Now we are still waiting for more interesting requests and stories to make our product more user-friendly.





Clare Louise